Our Story

Global Odyssi was started before a surf trip to Bali, Indonesia in April 2010. While Searching for a first aid kit geared towards surfers, Global Odyssi’s founder, Curt Johnson discovered that a kit like this is hard to come by. Realizing the time, energy and money it took to create a custom first aid kit, he discovered the need for an “out of the box and ready” first aid kit, specifically designed for surfers. After researching first aid supplies, procedures, surf climates and terrain, and consulting physicians, the Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid Kit was born. 

The Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid Kit is designed specifically for surfers by surfers. Our kits feature the highest quality first aid supplies accompanied by a comprehensive surfer’s first aid handbook that is Medical Doctor approved.

Our mission is to make the best and most versatile surfers first aid kits on the market that incorporate more effective organic supplies than traditional first aid kits. This goal was accomplished by developing a line of surfers first aid kits that are tailored from the most extreme surf trip to the all inclusive surf camp.

Download the Global Odyssi Handbook