You save up all year for your big surf trip, most likely the location is in a warm tropical part of the world where the waves will be pumping in the Southern Hemisphere. Like most, you have probably spent a nice chunk of change on airfare, accommodations and transport already, not including the unexpected price variance of airline board bag fees, food, drinks and other miscellaneous expenses. Surf trips aren't cheap, but there are a few ways to cut corners once your at your destination to save some scratch and leave yourself some spending money for randoms like boat trips to the breaks.

There's a good chance most everything is paid for and what's left is food, beer and random misc. expenses. Here are a few tips to maximize your spending money:

  • When checking in for your flight, always say you have 1 board even if you have 2 and try to avoid the coffin board bag, smaller is better.
  • Stay in a place that has a kitchen and buy groceries (this is also a huge timesaver).
  • Buy beer at the grocery store and keep it at your place (beers anytime you want, no searching).
  • Bring protein/energy bars with you for lunch and the occassional breakfast, they are convenient, cheap and you don't have to worry about figuring out lunch in the middle of the day (this is also huge after a surf session and you can't wait to eat).
  • Energy Gel Packets, like Honey Stinger are great to have with you anytime you may be fading (before, during or after a surf session), saves you from spending extra dough on food and they are super easy to take with you anywhere. 
  • When eating out, go where the locals go, not where the tourists go (this will save you mucho dinero)
  • Don't take Travelers Checks, the exchange rate is lower and you will get less bang for your buck.
  • Avoid using ATM's and your credit card (foreign transaction fees are costly and can add up)
  • Haggle. Give it a try and see the magic that it can do on the original price.
  • Avoid western food, eat local faire and save some beans while expanding your palate.

Surf trips are expensive, knowing where to cut corners and save some cash is just an added bonus.  Have fun and we hope you score!


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We are constantly looking forward and improving on our first aid kits, whether it's the supplies, bags or the handbook that goes with them. Always seeking out new supplies that are more effective and safer to use on wounds and ailments we encounter while on a surf trip or at home.

We recently made a few changes to our supply list in our kit line that included removing Hammer Heed electrolyte drink mix packets, antacid tablets and anti-diarrhea tablets. The reason for the change is that there are a lot of lab developed synthetics in these two products and we finally found two alternatives that are not only 10x more effective, but are completely organic compounds.

The replacement to Hammer Heed electrolyte drink mix is a product from the company Honey Stinger which is from their Energy Gel line called "Organic Gel Acai & Pomegranate". This gel does double time as fuel for your athletic endeavors and contains electrolytes to keep your body from dehydrating and cramping up. The main ingredient in this gel is organic honey, which has been shown to boost energy during endurance activities while providing antioxidants and vitamins at the same time.

We have also replaced the anti-diarrhea tablets and antacid tablets with activated charcoal. The replacment is activated coconut shell charcoal capsules from Charcoal House. Each capsule contains 260mg of activated charcoal in capsules that are all-vegetable, gluten free, Non GMO with no fillers.

Activated charcoal is known to absorb organic toxins, chemicals and poisons before they can harm the body. It's even used in hospitals in large doses for certain types of poisoning. The reason we added it to the supply line up in place of these two supplies is its ability on how powerful activated charcoal is as an emergency decontaminant in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which includes the stomach and intestines. It is estimated that activated charcoal reduces the absorption of poisonous substances by 60%. This means it is the perfect supply to treat food poisoning, upset stomach, colic, nausea, vomiting, acid indigestion, gas, and more.

We are excited about these two recent changes and continue to strive to make our kits with safer and more effective supplies to keep Global Odyssi at the forefront of surfers first aid kit development and to keep our users surfing in the water instead of surfing on the couch recovering.

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If you play sports whether it's snowboarding, surfing, skydiving, diving or just globe trot, chances are a majority of you own a watch to tell time along with a variety of other functions that watches come with nowadays. The capabilities of watches are pretty endless, with features such as temperature gauge, compass, barometer, altimeter, chronograph, timer, world clock functions, tide functions, stopwatch, alarm settings, gps capabilities and a whole lot more. It's insane what these timepieces can do nowadays.

One watch in particular we want to talk about is the Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster Ocean Concept GWN-1000B. One of our team members over here at Global Odyssi shelled out the cash and bought one of these beauties. We have to say we are more than impressed.

At first glance this watch looks impressive and definitely stands out on your wrist with measurements of 44.9mm (L) x 55.8mm (W) x 16.2mm (H) with a total weight of 101 grams. At first glance the impression you get is that this watch is a solid timepiece that can take pretty much take any punishment you want to give it, after all it's a G-Shock. To back that statement up, here are a few specs on how tough this watch is:

- 200M Water Resistant
- Shock Resistant
- Thin analog movement made possible by hybrid mounting protects against damage and enables auto home position correction that helps keep you on time all the time.
- Case / bezel material: Resin / Stainless steel
- Resin Band
- Tough Solar ensures stable operation even when using power-hungry functions.

If you need a little more convincing go ahead and do a search on G-Shock watches, they pride themselves on being the toughest watches on the planet to take on any adventure you want to throw at them.

Toughness aside, this watch has a long list of functions that would impress the most seasoned explorer and convince them to have a yard sale on the gadgets this watch would replace.

This now begs the question....What can this watch do? To be honest the list would be shorter if you asked....What can this watch NOT do?

  • Digital Compass - Measuring range: 0 to 359 degrees
  • Altimeter - –700 to 10,000 m (–2,300 to 32,800 ft.) Displayed in either meters or meet.
  • Barometer - 260 to 1,100 hPa (7.65 to 32.45 inHg) Displayed in either hPa or inHG.
  • Thermometer - –10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F) Displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Moon Data - Moon age of the specific date
  • Tide Graph - tide level for specific time and date
  • World Time - 29 time zones with coordinated universal time, daylight savings time on/off, Home city/Word time city swapping
  • 1/100-second Stopwatch
  • Countdown Timer
  • 5 Daily Alarms
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Power Saving - when left in the dark the display goes blank and hands stop moving
  • Full auto-calendar to year 2099
  • 12/24 hour format
  • Time calibration signal reception with manual and auto receive (up to 6 times per day
  • Double LED Light - LED light for the face and backlight for the digital display
  • Neobrite - a luminous coating that provides long-term illumination in the dark after short exposure to light (Applied on the our, minute, second hands and hour markers)
  • Solar powered - never needs a battery

A long list of features that are quite impressive.

  • The sensor sits on the left of the watch at the 9 hour a little too close to the wrist for accurate temperature readings. 
  • We conducted a test with the watch on the wrist which first gave a reading of 88.4 degrees. We then took the watch off for 
  • 30 minutes and got a reading of 77.4 degrees. Body heat definitely plays a huge factor in temperature readings. No other functions are affected by this close proximity to the body.
  • When toggling through functions in the dark, the display backlight turns off making it hard to see which one is next.
  • The size of the watch does not make it ideal to fit under your wetsuit (this may be a con to some of you).


  • The features galore this watch has packed into it.
  • Easy setting of functions with a pull of the crown and a turn to the desired date, time, setting, etc (No button holding and then pressing numerous buttons to get to your desired setting).
  • Accurate readings for Barometer, Altimeter, Compass and Tide functions.
  • Ability to manually calibrate Barometer, Altimeter and Compass settings for 100% accuracy for your location.
  • Setting Tide function is easy, set the High tide in your desired location and the watch does the rest.
  • Future Tide feature.
  • Neobrite and Double LED light functions give abundant brightness for use in the dark.
  • Setting time for your location is hassle free, select your city code and you're done, no guessing what time it is to set your watch. (ie. NYC, LAX, CHI, HKG, SYD, UTC etc.)
  • Ability to have two time zones set simultaneously.
  • Accurate and consistent measurement readings through all the functions.
  • Fly-back function (Hands move away from LCD screen during measurements)
  • A super cool bad ass looking watch that everyone will notice on your wrist.

Whether you are a globe trotter, surfer, skier/snowboarder, hiker, diver, expeditionist, avid camper, mariner or all around waterman, you can use a watch like this.  The features alone can slim down your gearbox and lighten your load.   The Gulfmaster Ocean Concept watch is one of the best all around watches we have seen that incorporates so many functions into an easy to use machine that can be used in any setting from serious to casual.

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The world of herbal medicine has been gaining legitimate traction for quite awhile now. It has only been recently that more first aid kits are being developed and incorporating these medicinal herbs now more than ever, proving that products from the earth are more effective than synthetics developed in a lab.

One product in particular that is gaining steam is comfrey salve, made from the comfrey leaf. The medicinal properties of this leaf put into a topical salve are numerous. Various uses include:

- Anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

- Bone healing properties due to the bones knitting faster because of the high concentrations of Calcium and Vitamin C in the leaf that promote rapid growth of cells.

- Insect bites, wounds and burns can be treated due to the natural concentration of Allantoin which promotes rapid wound healing.

When selecting a salve, always go with a brand that is using organic ingredients. Some brands are made quick to order under heat to extract the properties from the leaf into olive oil. This is still a good salve, but the best ones are made over a 3-4 week period where the comfrey leaves are soaked in organic olive oil, placed in a mason jar and heated by the sun. This elongates the extraction process and ensures that the full potency of the bioactive compounds contained in the leaf transfer into the oil which is used to make the salve. This type of process will produce the most effective and potent type of comfrey salve.

Ingesting the salve is not recommended by any means. There are healing properties that one can benefit from ingesting the leaf in teas and other delivery methods, but we are strictly talking about topical solutions and do not condone ingesting comfrey without first consulting an expert in homeopathic medicine.

Global Odyssi will be launching their own Organic Comfrey Salve in the coming months. The extraction process is a timely one as described above. We will keep you posted on the launch of this new product.

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Global Odyssi is pleased to have been a part of Chris Dixon's Article.  Chris had contacted us to get samples of our line of kits to review with two Doctors that focus on surfing first aid.  The insights into the kits outlined by these guys is great information to have on hand when creating a kit yourself or buying one for a trip.  Click on the image below to read the article on



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816bC2dSlJL._SX355_There are many products on the market that prevent infections by killing bacteria and promote wound healing.   The antibiotic type ointments on the market such as Neosporin, polysporin, triple antibiotic ointments contain mostly synthetic chemicals in their products. They do well healing cuts and wounds, but one thing that they have failed at is inhibiting MRSA infections (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

MRSA is spread through skin-to-skin contact in people who are prone to cuts and scrapes like children and athletes.   An MRSA infection can quickly spread to the blood, lungs, and other organs and turn serious quickly. Translating these issues when you are on a surf trip is definitely a problem you want to leave out.

Doing research on these issues is the reason why we have not included any triple antibiotic ointments in our kits. We have added a new product in all of our kits to promote healing and to combat MRSA infections. The product I want to introduce is Tecnu First Aid Gel. This antibiotic free gel contains the active ingredients: Lidocaine HCl (pain reliever), Benzethonium Cl and the inactive ingredients: Aminomethyl Propanol, Allantoin (Comfrey Root), Carbomer, Cocamide DEA, Disodium EDTA, Glycerine, Polyoxy 35 Castor Oil, Water (Purified), Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) Oil, and White Thyme Oil. The water based gel easily absorbs into the skin and allows your wound to breathe, promoting faster healing times.

After combining all of the essential properties of this first aid gel and how effective it was on wound healing and the natural ingredients it contained, there was no reason not to add this product to all of our surfer’s first aid kits.


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super-food-400x400What if I were to tell you there was a way to increase your surfing endurance without getting dehydrated so quickly and you could stay in the water longer without getting fatigued? The most likely answer would be a non-hesitant YES. This doesn't just apply to surfing, you can use this formula for other sports, but since surfers don't have access to water so readily as other athletes do, it remains to be a topic that is continuously addressed and rightfully so.

This is a simple "Do it Yourself" concoction that will be sure to keep you moving without fatigue or cramping. Tweak it as you see fit since everyone is different.

1-2 Tbsp of Organic Chia Seeds
1-2 Tsp of Raw Organic Honey (Manuka is our favorite)
1 pinch of Himalayan pink salt
1/8 + cup of purified water (you can eyeball this)

Bonus Add: 1/2 cap of Ionic Magnesium

Mix all of it together.  Give the chia seeds about 20 minutes to soak up all the water (they soak up about 8-10 times their weight in water). Consume this magic about 30-45 minutes before your next surf session. The chia seeds will slowly be absorbed into the body and provide a continuous supply of hydration and fuel. The honey has complex carbs to provide the energy, the Himalayan salt and Magnesium provide numerous amounts of trace minerals and electrolytes to keep your muscles from cramping. Magnesium plays a big role in muscle cramps and dehydration, keeping these levels adequate can keep you in the game longer without fatigue.

Always remember to replenish your body after a surf session to put back in what was taken out.

For more in depth information on the ingredients please click on the links below to learn more about these superfoods:

Himalayan Salt:

Chia Seeds:

Manuka Honey:

Ionic Magnesium:

Now surf harder and longer than you ever did before!


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Global Odyssi is proud to announce the addition of an incredible Homeopathic medicine to their supply line-up for The Nomad Surfers First Aid Kit. Sports injuries are the unfortunate part of surfing, from ankle sprains and shoulder to back and neck injuries, Topricin is a key component to treating these ailments that otherwise may keep a surfer sidelined for a few days or even weeks. Promoting healing and relief from pain with 6 times the amount of arnica and Aesculus hippocastanum than other homeopathic healing creams.

See below for the list of ingredients and their purpose in Topricin cream:

Aesculus hippocastanum 6X........... Relieves pain in the lower back, hip and spine
Arnica montana 6X............... Treats pain of impact, falling injuries and contusion to muscles and joints
Belladonna 6X................. Treats muscles spasms, night leg cramps
Crotalus horridus 8X......... Relief of impact injuries and deep muscle bruising
Echinacea 6X.................. Relieves sharp stitchng pain in joints and muscles
Graphites 6X................... Relieves skin conditions
Heloderma 8X................. Relief of burning pain in the hands and feet
Lachesis mutus 8X.......... Relief of sciatic pain and carpal tunnel
Naja tripudians 8X........... Relieves nerve injury pain
Rhus toxicodendron 6X.... Pain relief for muscle cramping, joint and post-surgical pain
Ruta graveolens 6X.......... Relief of injuries to the knee, shin and elbow

Applying this cream before and after your surf session or any workout session will drastically reduce the amount of soreness you feel a day later. Reducing soreness on a surf trip when you maximize your sessions to the fullest, means less time to shake off those aches and tightness and more time getting right into your session.

These are only a few uses of the long list of applications of Topricin, but for surfers this was a must have add to our Nomad kits. Other uses include, but are not limited to dislocations, trauma injuries of the joints and muscles, ankle sprains, arthritis of the joint and hand.

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When you think of honey, you think of that sweet golden nectar that you put in your tea or on your biscuit. Did you know that behind all that sweet flavor is a medicinal compound that has numerous healing properties both inside and outside the body? Chances are you have since this news isn't exactly new, but the type of honey you use makes all the difference for what it can be used for.

The type of honey I want to talk about is Manuka honey, from the Manuka tree in Australia and New Zealand. This honey is a bit different than regular honey found in other parts of the world. The natural chemicals contained in Manuka honey act as antibacterial and antioxidant components which promote healing and reduces the risk of infection. Tests have been conducted that show that Manuka honey can reduce infections in over 80 different kinds of bacteria as well being applied topically to clean wounds.

The components of Manuka honey give this honey it's super powers to heal and prevent infections. First up is Glucose oxidase, which allows hydrogen peroxide to form, all honey has this property, but Manuka honey has elevated levels of this substance. Next up is methylglyoxal, which exists in Manuka honey in higher concentrations and has the ability to prevent infections such as Strep, E.Coli, MRSA and many more dangerous infections. The last component is sugar, high levels of this substance in honey prevent bacteria from reproducing.

With the long list of healing properties of this super food, it's no doubt that Manuka honey should be included in any first aid kit and kitchen cabinet. And if you don't believe in the natural healing effect of this super food, then just eat some for an extra energy boost before your next surf session.

Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid Kits now contain Manuka honey.


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We have just launched our newest Surfers First Aid Kit addition to the Global Odyssi line-up, called the “The Stowaway”. The smallest kit of our line-up, small enough to fit in your pocket, but packed with essential supplies to treat surf related injuries and traveler related illnesses.

We have developed a pocket sized surfer’s first aid kit for the shorter surf trip or the surfer that feels they don’t need all the supplies that are in The Original or The Nomad Kit versions. Made for surf trips that are a week or shorter, Global Odyssi wanted to be able to provide a surfers first aid kit at a lower price point to make sure everyone had access to their kits and were not deprived of having a proper first aid kit for their trip.

The Stowaway comes complete with the necessary essentials for a surf trip. Global Odyssi has outfitted the kit with Elemental Herbs All Good Goop (healing balm for cuts, scrapes, bites, stings, burns), gauze dressing pads, band aids, butterfly wound closures, gauze pads, 3m Transpore first aid tape, antiseptic cleansing wipes, povidone-iodine wipes, anti-diarrhea tabs, electrolytes, aspirin, non-aspirin, antihistamine and antacid tabs. All packed neatly in a red water resistant polyester zippered pouch with a plastic clip so you can attach it to anything with a loop. The Stowaway surfers first aid kit will be priced at $24.95.

You can view the new kit by CLICKING HERE


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