Yeti Gear Review

July 28, 2016

When we come across a product/products we love, we want to share it with our community, especially if it stands out. We are huge fans of the Yeti brand and have been using them for quite some time and we think now is a great time to review the Yeti products we use. Side note: Yeti also has no idea we are writing this and therefore this is an unbiased review, just our experience with their products.

The first Yeti product we had ever purchased was the Colster. This is basically a drink “koozie” on steroids. It keeps your beer colder longer in hot temperatures compared to a regular neoprene koozie. We did a side by side test in about 80 degree weather between a neoprene folding koozie and the Colster. After 10 minutes, the beer temp in the Colster was 15 degrees colder than the neoprene koozie, that’s pretty significant. Bring this on a surf trip in a tropical location and you will never have warm beer again. The double wall vacuum insulation in a stainless steel body along side the Load-and-Lock Gasket is a double threat to warm beer.

The second and third product’s we purchased from Yeti were the Tundra Roadie (14 can capacity with ice) and the Tundra 65 (39 can capacity with ice) insulated coolers. The Roadie is small enough for day trips or as an accessory cooler for a longer road trip or day at the beach. The Tundra 65 is perfect for a week of camping/Baja surf trip, keeping everything cold without ice replenishment. Both coolers are certified Grizzly Bear proof, so your stash will not be ripped off by pretty much anyone or anything. These coolers are built solid with a 3 inch insulated wall, they will take all the abuse you can dish at them and keep your contents cold up to 8 days (time varies depending on how many times you open the cooler). You pay a price for these coolers, but it will be the last cooler you ever buy. They have never let us down from a 2 week long road trip to week long camping excursions and weekenders in between.

The fourth product from Yeti that we just had to have was the Hopper 20 (holds 18 cans with ice). These are insulated bag coolers with a dry lock zipper, made out of the same material as white water rafts, which means they are incredibly strong and puncture resistant. The great feature about this cooler is that it has less bulk and easier to carry than the bulkier hard coolers. They don’t keep ice as long as the hard coolers, but it’s definitely long enough, our test yielded about 4 day’s in 75 degrees, which is very significant for a bag cooler. These are tough, insulated and extremely mobile for a 1 person team. When space is limited on a road trip, we like to take the Roadie and the Hopper 20, the Roadie holds the food and the Hopper holds the beer.

The last and final (so far) Yeti product we bought was the Tumbler 20. Made from an 18/8 stainless steel body with double vacuum insulation gives you cold/hot drinks all day. It’s the perfect travel companion for coffee or beer in cold or warm environments built super tough for any adventure you can throw at it. The Rambler comes with a BPA free plastic lid that is splash resistant. We tested it with coffee to see how long it would keep your coffee hot, after two hours with the lid on, the coffee was still very warm and the ideal temperature for drinking. The heat loss is minimal after a few hours, the same goes for cold beverages.

There you have it, Yeti products are our beverage/food climate control gear of choice and we will never look back. They are built for life and the outdoors.

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