Traveling Essentials

April 14, 2016

Let’s face it, travel is changing and so are the items that you take with you, whether they are tangible or live in cyberspace. We have a few tips, some gear and apps that you shouldn’t travel without and may save you some scratch in our continuing travel series segment.

Money Saving Tips

  • Use foreign based travel sites to book flights. US based search engines can miss smaller regional airlines. and are highly rated.
  • Fly Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday’s for the best shot at cheaper fares.
  • is a great site that offers the best and most affordable getaway deals.  Offers include deals on flights, hotels, vacation packages and cruises at really low prices.  Catch is you have to act fast and have flexible dates, but the savings us unbelievable.
  • Booking flights on foreign airlines and paying in that countries currency can save you some scratch that you can later use for board fees…..or not if you get lucky.



  • Yeti Rambler 20oz. Tumbler – Super insulated double-wall vacuum insulation stainless steel keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. We used these in Vietnam in 90 F + and after 4 hours + we still had ice. A must bring cup for many uses while traveling.  
  • EcoVessel Insulated Filtration Water Bottle – Keeps water cold up to 36 hours and will filter 100 gallons. A great bottle to take with you where water is questionable. Removes over 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium (parasites that are the most common causes of waterborne illnesses).


  • TunnelBear – Using that public wifi in the hotel or coffee shop? If you’re accessing private information such as your email, bank account, etc. You may want to encrypt your data with this VPN App, whether you are on your phone, tablet or laptop. Uses a 256 bit encryption from prying eyes and hides your IP address and location. Plans start from free for 500mb(get an extra 1GB per month by doing a social media post) up to $6.99 per month for unlimited. A must have if you don’t want to use up your cellular data for private browsing.
  • WorldMate – This is a great phone app to store all of your travel arrangements that includes car rental, flights, hotels and more. You can sync your trips from your calendar, use their currency converter or check the weather of your destination before you go. No need to check all the different emails for confirmation numbers and flight times, one app with your itineraries in one place.


For a list of items to bring on a surf trip, see our article which is part of our Travel Blog Series "Packing for a Surf Trip".

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