Money Saving Tips for a Surf Trip

June 11, 2015

You save up all year for your big surf trip, most likely the location is in a warm tropical part of the world where the waves will be pumping in the Southern Hemisphere. Like most, you have probably spent a nice chunk of change on airfare, accommodations and transport already, not including the unexpected price variance of airline board bag fees, food, drinks and other miscellaneous expenses. Surf trips aren't cheap, but there are a few ways to cut corners once your at your destination to save some scratch and leave yourself some spending money for randoms like boat trips to the breaks.

There's a good chance most everything is paid for and what's left is food, beer and random misc. expenses. Here are a few tips to maximize your spending money:

  • When checking in for your flight, always say you have 1 board even if you have 2 and try to avoid the coffin board bag, smaller is better.
  • Stay in a place that has a kitchen and buy groceries (this is also a huge timesaver).
  • Buy beer at the grocery store and keep it at your place (beers anytime you want, no searching).
  • Bring protein/energy bars with you for lunch and the occassional breakfast, they are convenient, cheap and you don't have to worry about figuring out lunch in the middle of the day (this is also huge after a surf session and you can't wait to eat).
  • Energy Gel Packets, like Honey Stinger are great to have with you anytime you may be fading (before, during or after a surf session), saves you from spending extra dough on food and they are super easy to take with you anywhere. 
  • When eating out, go where the locals go, not where the tourists go (this will save you mucho dinero)
  • Don't take Travelers Checks, the exchange rate is lower and you will get less bang for your buck.
  • Avoid using ATM's and your credit card (foreign transaction fees are costly and can add up)
  • Haggle. Give it a try and see the magic that it can do on the original price.
  • Avoid western food, eat local faire and save some beans while expanding your palate.

Surf trips are expensive, knowing where to cut corners and save some cash is just an added bonus.  Have fun and we hope you score!


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