The Healing Properties of Comfrey Salve

March 12, 2015

The world of herbal medicine has been gaining legitimate traction for quite awhile now. It has only been recently that more first aid kits are being developed and incorporating these medicinal herbs now more than ever, proving that products from the earth are more effective than synthetics developed in a lab.

One product in particular that is gaining steam is comfrey salve, made from the comfrey leaf. The medicinal properties of this leaf put into a topical salve are numerous. Various uses include:

- Anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

- Bone healing properties due to the bones knitting faster because of the high concentrations of Calcium and Vitamin C in the leaf that promote rapid growth of cells.

- Insect bites, wounds and burns can be treated due to the natural concentration of Allantoin which promotes rapid wound healing.

When selecting a salve, always go with a brand that is using organic ingredients. Some brands are made quick to order under heat to extract the properties from the leaf into olive oil. This is still a good salve, but the best ones are made over a 3-4 week period where the comfrey leaves are soaked in organic olive oil, placed in a mason jar and heated by the sun. This elongates the extraction process and ensures that the full potency of the bioactive compounds contained in the leaf transfer into the oil which is used to make the salve. This type of process will produce the most effective and potent type of comfrey salve.

Ingesting the salve is not recommended by any means. There are healing properties that one can benefit from ingesting the leaf in teas and other delivery methods, but we are strictly talking about topical solutions and do not condone ingesting comfrey without first consulting an expert in homeopathic medicine.

Global Odyssi will be launching their own Organic Comfrey Salve in the coming months. The extraction process is a timely one as described above. We will keep you posted on the launch of this new product.

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