Manuka Healing Honey for Surfers First Aid Kits

January 20, 2015

When you think of honey, you think of that sweet golden nectar that you put in your tea or on your biscuit. Did you know that behind all that sweet flavor is a medicinal compound that has numerous healing properties both inside and outside the body? Chances are you have since this news isn't exactly new, but the type of honey you use makes all the difference for what it can be used for.

The type of honey I want to talk about is Manuka honey, from the Manuka tree in Australia and New Zealand. This honey is a bit different than regular honey found in other parts of the world. The natural chemicals contained in Manuka honey act as antibacterial and antioxidant components which promote healing and reduces the risk of infection. Tests have been conducted that show that Manuka honey can reduce infections in over 80 different kinds of bacteria as well being applied topically to clean wounds.

The components of Manuka honey give this honey it's super powers to heal and prevent infections. First up is Glucose oxidase, which allows hydrogen peroxide to form, all honey has this property, but Manuka honey has elevated levels of this substance. Next up is methylglyoxal, which exists in Manuka honey in higher concentrations and has the ability to prevent infections such as Strep, E.Coli, MRSA and many more dangerous infections. The last component is sugar, high levels of this substance in honey prevent bacteria from reproducing.

With the long list of healing properties of this super food, it's no doubt that Manuka honey should be included in any first aid kit and kitchen cabinet. And if you don't believe in the natural healing effect of this super food, then just eat some for an extra energy boost before your next surf session.

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