Global Odyssi's latest addition to the line up - The Stowaway compact Surfers First Aid Kit

January 15, 2015

We have just launched our newest Surfers First Aid Kit addition to the Global Odyssi line-up, called the “The Stowaway”. The smallest kit of our line-up, small enough to fit in your pocket, but packed with essential supplies to treat surf related injuries and traveler related illnesses.

We have developed a pocket sized surfer’s first aid kit for the shorter surf trip or the surfer that feels they don’t need all the supplies that are in The Original or The Nomad Kit versions. Made for surf trips that are a week or shorter, Global Odyssi wanted to be able to provide a surfers first aid kit at a lower price point to make sure everyone had access to their kits and were not deprived of having a proper first aid kit for their trip.

The Stowaway comes complete with the necessary essentials for a surf trip. Global Odyssi has outfitted the kit with Elemental Herbs All Good Goop (healing balm for cuts, scrapes, bites, stings, burns), gauze dressing pads, band aids, butterfly wound closures, gauze pads, 3m Transpore first aid tape, antiseptic cleansing wipes, povidone-iodine wipes, anti-diarrhea tabs, electrolytes, aspirin, non-aspirin, antihistamine and antacid tabs. All packed neatly in a red water resistant polyester zippered pouch with a plastic clip so you can attach it to anything with a loop. The Stowaway surfers first aid kit will be priced at $24.95.

You can view the new kit by CLICKING HERE


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