Keep Track of your Surf Sessions with The Stormrider Surf Journal

December 24, 2014

Ever go on an epic surf trip and then try to remember the full details of each surf session? Thinking to yourself what break was the best or most fun, what board you used and what type of board worked well, fast inside section, easy or hard take-off, reef/beach break?

I'm sure we have all logged our surf sessions sporadically on surf trips, but didn't pay attention to the finite details that would let you re-live your surf session in detail and actually come out with some useful info. Now you have that option with the STORMRIDER SURF JOURNAL from Low Pressure. The same guy's who write all the StormRider surf guides that cover all the surfing destinations from Indo to England and everywhere in between.

Just released about a month ago, the Stormrider Surf Journal is an impressive piece of literature. To start it has an Atlas section that showcases 300 of the best surfing zones on the planet, all mapped out and organized by region. The Planner outlines the ideal surfing destination for every day of the year givng a world of choice for any surfer trying to figure out where to go on their next adventure. There's also a section to plan out what to take on your trip along with detailed information on first aid supplies which was provided by Global Odyssi and an instruction area for unlikely circumstances and wound care. Lastly, the back section contains the Log where you can record surf trips, surf sessions and a sketchbook area to allow for endless options to add detail and personalization to your journal. All packed together with color illustrations and pictures in a size perfectly suited for travel.

The Journal is a must have to re-live your famed surf sessions and to record important break information the next time you go so you can tweak your quiver or prepare more for that high performance wave. Right now you can buy the Journal on Low Pressure's site here: StormRider Surf Journal.

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